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Check Out These Baby Gifts

Unusual baby gifts might include setting up a savings plan for the child. You could also put money aside for camps or music lessons. Other unusual baby gifts that keep on giving would be accounts set up for dance lessons or memberships to the zoo or children's museums.

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Looking for a Special Baby Gift?

When you want a really special baby gift consider embroidered baby gifts. Embroidered baby gifts are so nice that they often become family heirlooms.

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A Summary of Finding the Right Baby Gift

by Jake Rose

There are many occasions to buy baby gifts: a newborn in the family, a friend having a child, a holiday or party to celebrate. Whatever the occasion, getting any gift for another person is never an easy decision. Babies are no exception. There is so much variety in what to get them and so many possibilities. Do you get them a toy? Do you get them clothing? Do you get them something else? There are benefits and drawbacks to each, and hopefully, though not that hard to notice, they will be pointed out better here.

The most common gift is toys. There is just so many possibilities in this category. Each year more and more new toys are released too, just increasing the amount out there. A lot of toys for children are very educational and helpful. It is hard nowadays not to find something worth buying. But the problem isn't with the quality of the toys. It's with the fact that many people end up just going with this. They will get more usage out of them than some of the other gifts. Of course, having just toys isn't enough for a baby.

Good gift ideas for this include: Bath toys, books, stuffed animals, educational toys, blocks, puzzles, rattles, etc.

There is also clothing, an often overlooked gift. Most people don't get this because they are worried about the right size and look. This is a good concern of course, but there are ways to fix this. Obviously if you know the person close enough, you'll be able to talk to them plenty of times to keep up with what size or objects the baby needs. Like toys, it can be hard providing a variety without knowing what others are buying. Sometimes it can even be nice to offer after a party or holiday where the child gets gifts that you will buy what clothing they may still need.

Good gift ideas for this include: Shirts, undershirts, hats, pants, jackets, etc

Last is the more essential things for the baby. This includes every day needed items like diapers and food, and also gear/items like a carriage or playpen, or even furniture to store other items. These can be a good choice in a gift. Such things like diapers and foods will always be needed and it will be hard to acquire a surplus of this that will end up being wasted. They will be in use for a while and will be much appreciated as a gift instead of adding another toy to the hundreds already given. The larger things like a carriage are usually selected and declared more easily, meaning that it's a lot easier to know who's buying what and therefore you don't have to worry about getting gift that someone else will.

Good gift ideas for this include: Diapers, baby food, furniture, playpen or play mat, etc.

So next time you have to buy a gift for a baby, don't be afraid to talk to the parent(s) before hand. Don't just assume that you find something cute or adorable and it's just what the baby needs. You may not be the only one to find this item. The mother or father or another friend and family member might've very well thought the same thing. Even talking about what others are getting for the gifts can be helpful.

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Jake Rose is an artist and an author from Massachusetts.

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