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Check Out These Baby Gifts

Unusual baby gifts might include setting up a savings plan for the child. You could also put money aside for camps or music lessons. Other unusual baby gifts that keep on giving would be accounts set up for dance lessons or memberships to the zoo or children's museums.

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Looking for a Special Baby Gift?

When you want a really special baby gift consider embroidered baby gifts. Embroidered baby gifts are so nice that they often become family heirlooms.

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Baby Gifts: How to Make Yours the One They Remember

by Stephanie Gallagher

Why do some baby gifts stand out from the crowd and others seem to get lost in the recipient's memory, never to be found again?

Surprisingly, it has little to do with cost of the gifts. Rather, it's the little, thoughtful touches that make all the difference.

Some tips:

Add an Element of Humor

You don't have to spend a lot of money to give baby gifts that are memorable. Try putting together your own "Nursing Survival Kit," with breast pads, Lansinoh cream, frozen peas (to ease nursing soreness), and a copy of The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding.

Put Together a Creative Baby Gift Basket

Create a "Sleep Like a Baby" baby gift basket with a soft baby blanket or lovey, a white noise CD (vacuum sounds are great!) and a Miracle Blanket (for easy swaddling).

Or transform a simple baby book into a "Remembering the Moment" baby gift basket, by adding a copy of the local newspaper from the day the baby was born, copies of Time and People magazines from the week the baby was born, a current postage stamp, and a sales flyer from the local grocery store.

Twenty years from now, the parents and grown child will have fun looking back at everything from the price of a dozen eggs to who the hot celebrities were back when junior was a baby.

Include Everything the New Parents Will Need to Make It Work

Nobody likes extra work. So do whatever you can do to make it easy for the new parents to enjoy your baby gift.

For example, if your present requires batteries, include a small package of batteries (the correct type, of course,) with it. You don't even need to give the whole pack -- just the right amount for the item you've given. You'd be amazed how grateful the new parents will be.

Put it Together For Them

The best baby gifts for new parents are those that require no work on their part for them to enjoy.

However, this is a strategy that's best used when you are absolutely positive the new parents want what you've gotten them. Remember, baby gifts that are put together aren't so easily returned. So do this when you're buying something off the registry or when the recipients have specifically asked for what you're giving them.

Include a Gift Receipt

They may love what you've gotten, but they may have also gotten two or three baby gifts just like it. Make it easy to return yours, and they'll be grateful.

Include Your Full Name and Address on the Card

After 36 hours of labor and two weeks of sleep deprivation, a new mommy can't be counted on to remember her own last name, let alone yours. That's true even if she's your sister or best friend. So make it easy for her by writing your full name on the card. Including your address, too, makes it easy for to write the thank-you note.

About the Author

Stephanie Gallagher, a.k.a., The Shopping Mom, is the author of several parenting books and Editor of The Shopping Mom's Guide to Baby Gifts,

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